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Why Your Brainwave Frequencies Are Important

When you read about entrainment CDs, you'll notice that the developers often refer to 'brainwave frequencies'. In this article, we'll explore what makes your brainwave frequencies so important -- and what you can do to get yours in tune!

Every brain produces brainwaves. They are natural patterns of electrical activity occurring as signals pass between groups of brain cells. No two brains are exactly alike, but certain patterns are common to everyone.

For instance, in deep sleep, your brain enters a state which researchers call 'delta wave', in which bursts of activity move slowly across the cerebral cortex. In meditation or creative thought, that activity will switch up into a faster theta state. Alpha and beta waves, characteristic of relaxed concentration and busy activity respectively, are faster still.

These brain waves are associated with particular frequencies -- for instance, theta waves occur 4-7 times a second in most people. (That's 4-7Hz, to use the jargon.)

These numbers are important, because they give researchers a way to quickly identify what sort of activity is going on in your brain -- and clues as to how to change it!

It turns out that brains are susceptible to external stimulus. Well, that's no surprise -- after all, we take in new information from our eyes and ears all the time. But brains also display what's called the frequency following response. This means that, if you stimulate the brain at an appropriate frequency, it will tend to go into the corresponding brain state. This process is called 'entrainment'.

Now, entrainment CDs have been with us for a long time, and modern programs like the Brain Evolution System can have very complex modes of action. But the underlying principle is simple: if you want a meditation brainwave, play the corresponding meditation entrainment frequency. You can switch your brain into a meditative/creative theta state just by stimulating it at 4-7Hz. That's right! You get the benefits of regular meditation practice -- without all the frustrating years of effort.

And it's just as easy to switch yourself into delta sleep, or to enjoy alpha relaxed concentration, all at the click of a button.

Now, actually stimulating your brain at the correct frequency to produce those meditation brainwaves -- or the other kinds -- turns out to be rather tricky. Other articles on this site will guide you through the various mechanisms that developers have used to achieve that. But the underlying truth remains: entrainment CDs can be the key that unlocks your unused brainwave frequencies.

As a shortcut that spares you all the hard work but still provides all the benefits of meditation, entrainment really can't be beat...

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Mark Joyner, binaural beats fan, #1 best-selling author of Simpleology


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