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Is brainwave entrainment safe?


YES. Brainwave entrainment is incredibly safe. The science is built on over 75 years of research.

The brainwave entrainment process involves influencing the brainwaves through the use of specially created sounds. You can learn more about the science behind our brainwave entrainment technology here.

HOWEVER... We do NOT recommend brainwave entrainment or the Brain Evolution System for individuals meeting any of the following conditions, knowingly or otherwise:

Those who should consult a physician before the use of this product include:

This program is not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they are legal or illegal.

The program is not designed to be used by anyone under the age of 18. Anyone wishing to listen under this age should consult their physician and discuss the matter first. Additionally, they should be examined for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures, as younger individuals are more susceptible to seizures.


Although the Brain Evolution System can contribute to wellness, it is NOT meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition please consult with your physician. Ask about "brainwave entrainment" and work with your physician to choose the right treatment for you.


Learn more about BRAINWAVES in general by watching this video, from Karl Moore:

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"I've played with various types of brainwave entrainment tools for years. Some of them have worked amazingly well for me. Some of them had no effect whatsoever. The Brain Evolution System was one of the few that worked amazingly well. I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot."

Mark Joyner, binaural beats fan, #1 best-selling author of Simpleology

Is BrainEv a spiritual or scientific product?

BrainEv is scientific. It is not spiritual or religious.

The Brain Evolution System is built on over 75 years of brainwave entrainment research that reveals how the brain can be delivered safely into beneficial brainwave states, using sound to stimulate the auditory cortex, which then feeds into the limbic system and out through the brain's electrical activity itself.

We are not a spiritual or religious organization of any kind. Our quest is to offer products and support which promote the most cutting-edge personal advancement technologies available. These tools effect real, positive self-development and extend to improve performance in both your personal and professional life.

Matters of spirit are those of the beholder. We encourage and will support you on using BrainEv in your quest to find the greatest truths, regardless of your faith or spiritual persuasion.

Overall, it is our stance to provide these tools and support so that you can be free to grow in the beliefs and models that you've chosen.

Learn more about the Brain Evolution System, by watching this promotional video:

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"I've used brainwave entrainment programs in the past, but none compare with these brainwave MP3s. Whatever you guys have done, let me tell you, I can feel the magic. I strap on the headphones and rise after each session feeling unstoppable. Great brainwave meditation tool. Talk about competitive edge!"

Frank Garon, binaural beats user, host of the Frank Garon Seminars

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of the Brain Evolution System?

Effects are often felt in the first few days, if not immediately following your first use.

When listening to a session, you may notice a shift in your relaxation levels, as if you are drifting, or as if time is stretched or elongated. It's not uncommon to feel tingles or slight pressures on the body or in the head as your brain begins to register the entrainment technology.

After the session, you may feel more calm, and focused on the day ahead.

Within a week of listening, the brain will have become more acquainted with the sounds, and the effects will become more powerful.

Greater mental benefits will become more and more apparent in the weeks and months ahead.

We suggest maintaining a journal so that you can track your progress, as it's often difficult to observe the benefits when you're on the "inside." Additionally, note the comments of your family and colleagues regarding your general mood. They will provide a helpful, third-party insight into the positive changes you experience.

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I've seen other products that take more/less time and offer something similar...

Brainwave entrainment products come in a variety of forms, and prices range anywhere from $10 to $3000 dollars.

Our research shows us that the Brain Evolution System is quite simply the BEST program available anywhere on the market today.

Many brainwave entrainment programs are structured in a way that takes years to see results, with levels getting progressively more expensive. Others are simply cheap downloads created by brainwave enthusiasts, which the brain soon "tunes out" from.

With the Brain Evolution System, we focused on creating a program that was convenient, enjoyable, and delivered results.

The Brain Evolution System combines the best of both worlds, delivering short-term results in conjunction with a long-term, evolving program.

We use a listening period of six months to ensure that every benefit is squeezed from the Brain Evolution System program. By dedicating 30 minutes per day to the program, your small time commitment has the power to create positive change that can stay with you your whole life long.

We also believe that with 3P DEAP™, we have created a powerful listening system that truly engages the brain for maximum results. Other programs tend to use the same basic, non-dynamic listening programs, which result in the mind "tuning out" and no longer delivering gains. Our program builds on its progress, day by day, level by level.

Additionally, we offer a complete support package to take care of your questions and to help you understand what to expect from BrainEv - including follow-up e-mail messages, monthly videos, and round-the-clock support. This support system continues to grow with you, so that your benefits will always increase.

So, do your research - and decide on the best. Your investment ultimately is in yourself.

This page contains a comparison table which may help in your decision:

Can I use BrainEv with other brainwave programs?

We recommend that you do NOT combine BrainEv with other longer-term brainwave entrainment programs.

Longer-term brainwave entrainment programs typically follow a progressive structure, getting deeper and deeper, helping to steadily "train" and nurture the brain throughout it's development.

By combining two such progressive programs, you will likely train the brain at two different stages each day - which could nullify the benefits of either.

As such, we do NOT recommend combining progressive brainwave entrainment programs.

However, you CAN use short-term brainwave entrainment sessions as required.

For example, you can listen to sessions from the Brain Salon without issue. Such sessions are designed for immediate, and short-term benefit only. It's only longer-term, progressive programs, which come with a full listening regime, that you should be cautious of.

If you're shifting to the Brain Evolution System from another program, such as Holosync - here's what we recommend.

Stop using your existing brainwave entrainment program immediately. If possible, give yourself a break for seven days. Then take up our program, following our regular system instructions.

It doesn't matter how many levels "deep" you achieved with the old program. Due to the highly advanced way in which the Brain Evolution System helps develop the brain, you should ALWAYS start from Level One. You'll probably find it instantly more powerful than the deeper levels in your old program.

Not only that, your previous meditation experience will also help you go much deeper, much faster. Remember, the bulk of the BrainEv journey takes just six months to complete - so you won't have to wait long for all-out results.

Is brainwave entrainment safe long-term?

This article was generated from a conversation between brainwave entrainment developer Michael Kelley and a BrainEv user.

Original question:

A question has arisen in my mind - although the program has obviously given many people good and positive results, and was made with positive intentions, it still deals with artificially altering brainwave patterns.

How can we be sure that, although we feel good when listening to BrainEv, and FEEL apparent positive results, that in the long run, the effects of this technology are for the GLOBAL highest good of the listener?

(The following analogy, illustrates the point - our nearsighted, human intelligence creates all kinds of medical drugs, which apparently help, but have been shown to have negative side effects down the road.)

Are you sure this won't happen with BrainEv? And how do you know that the technology is truly for the long-term, global, highest good of the listener and his brain?


Brainwave entrainment technology has been around for a long time, which has rendered vast amounts of information to support its use safely.

In truth, some form of brainwave entrainment happens to you at several points throughout the each normal day. The brain can entrain to any periodic stimulus that you might come across, for example: the brain will entrain to the frame rates in television sets or computer monitors; the steady rhythm of highway lines pulsing past your windshield when driving; the continuous crash of waves at an ocean, the steady crackling of a fire.

Consider this, and brainwave entrainment technology may not be as artificial as one might think.

When my children were babies, I developed a great trick for helping them sleep (as well as us parents). I would rub their backs in soft rhythmic strokes, slowing the rhythm over time. This would help them fall asleep by entraining their brainwaves to my touch. Curious as I am, I would record their little brainwaves with an EEG to see how this functioned. Today they are 4 and 10 years old, healthy, with nimble minds and great attitudes. Through music, dance and other tactile experimentation, brainwave entrainment has been literally been a part of my family's experience since the late 90's. Countless experiences like those carry into my work and the safety and integrity of the system has been carefully engineered to reflect the cumulation of that accumulated knowledge.

That said, I’ve been testing and developing the technology behind the BrainEv for over a decade and I've seen great results in people from all walks of life. Couple that, with the roughly 70 years of scientific research in brainwave entrainment itself, and we have a broad framework to administer this technology safely. I find contrast in comparing brainwave entrainment to more more invasive technologies, such as medications (which cause a direct effect of the chemical make up and physiology of the body), or surgeries (which cut open and manipulate the body itself).

Of course, this is not to diminish the potential dangers of the technology, nor is the Brain Evolution System considered a substitute for appropriate medical and psychological therapies - be they medicated, operated on or professionally counselled!

We are very open about any potential danger in using brainwave entrainment technology. For example, there are risks for those with mental disorders, or those who carry a pre-disposition for epilepsy. We do not offer medical advice. Yet we encourage discussing any possible concerns with a doctor for matters of a more medical or psychological nature..

Additional information may be found in our disclaimer, which covers some key safety considerations when using the Brain Evolution System.