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Can I use BrainEv with my iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, etc?


We've already pre-encoded all six levels into the perfect MP3 format for you, so you don't have to mess around with fiddly conversion settings. Just copy straight these MP3 files straight to your player, and you're done.

You'll find the MP3 download links you need in your welcome e-mail. If you can't find your MP3 download links, just contact our support team. We're always here to help!

However, where possible, simply use the original discs in your CD player. This guarantees you'll enjoy the most whole and powerful listening experience possible.

Learn more about how brainwaves work, by watching this introductory video from founder, David Riklan:

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"I've played with various types of brainwave entrainment tools for years. Some of them have worked amazingly well for me. Some of them had no effect whatsoever. The Brain Evolution System was one of the few that worked amazingly well. I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot."

Mark Joyner, binaural beats fan, #1 best-selling author of Simpleology

When using BrainEv, how do MP3 samples and original CDs compare?

No matter what, an MP3 sample will always be a compressed copy of the original source audio.

For this reason, an original authentic BrainEv CD will always feature the best rendition of the intended brainwave audio program.

Audio file compression technologies like the MP3 format are used to reduce the (otherwise gigantic) size of audio files. This is accomplished by discarding parts of the original source audio that the compression algorithm deems inaudible. This means part of the original audio is clipped -- which usually includes all of the brainwave entrainment signals embedded in the audio.

That's why, for best results, we recommend that you use the original CDs when listening to BrainEv.

We've also created special high-quality MP3 versions of each level for you to download, WITHOUT loss of the brainwave entrainment signals. You'll receive links to download these in your purchase e-mail. If using the CD version is inconvienient (for example, for when listening to BrainEv on your iPhone), then use these MP3 versions instead.

You shouldn't rip the audio direct from the BrainEv CDs yourself, or download MP3 versions of BrainEv from anywhere except this site. It's likely that the algorithm used to rip the audio will strip out the original brainwave entrainment signals, and therefore leave you with an MP3 file that simply doesn't contain the power of a regular BrainEv session.

"I've used brainwave entrainment programs in the past, but none compare with these brainwave MP3s. Whatever you guys have done, let me tell you, I can feel the magic. I strap on the headphones and rise after each session feeling unstoppable. Great brainwave meditation tool. Talk about competitive edge!"

Frank Garon, binaural beats user, host of the Frank Garon Seminars

Can I use BrainEv while at work, studying, etc?

No. You must dedicate your listening time entirely to BrainEv, keeping your eyes closed.

This is the only way the brain can activate the required brainwave states. Focusing on other tasks will force brainwave patterns away from the intended path. Just allow yourself 30 minutes of quiet time a day, away from any distractions.

The most startling benefits of the Brain Evolution System will often reveal themselves after listening. Amongst other benefits, many users report significant efficiency improvements in their day-to-day routines as a direct result of their BrainEv sessions.

Dr. Gavin Young, a chiropractor from the UK said: "Brain Evolution has revolutionized my schedule! I feel as if I'm now able to do more in less time, simply because my brain is in tune with my daily mission."

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