If you’re interested in music to increase brain power, you’ll have noticed that many brainwave meditation programs mention ‘isochronic tones’.

Isochronic tones are a recent and exciting development in the area of brain entrainment software and CDs, used in up-to-date audio programs like the Brain Evolution System, and in its immediate predecessors like the Morry Method Quantum Mind Power system. In this article, we’ll look at how they differ from last-generation brainwave entrainment systems.

All brainwave entrainment is based on the frequency following response, a well-recognized mechanism which causes your brainwave frequencies to fall in step with a rhythmic stimulus.

The problem which has always confronted the developers of brain entrainment CDs is that the brainwave frequencies needed to access interesting mental states are too low for the ear to hear. The traditional workaround has been to use binaural beats, which can induce beats in the brain at sub-audio frequencies by manipulating the brain’s response to stereo sound images. However, the entrainment potential of binaural beats is weak, and requires use of headphones to boot.

Isochronic tones provide all the benefits of binaural beats — while adding some extras of their own. At their simplest, isochronic tones are continuous sounds modulated at the desired stimulus frequency. That is, if an 8Hz beat is required, the basic tone is switched on and off eight times every second. Isochronics produce a stronger entrainment effect than binaurals can — and they have some other benefits, too.

For a start, it’s easy for the developer to manipulate the continuous sound and the ‘switching’ frequency to achieve a whole spectrum of brainwave synchronization effects. Then there’s the way that isochronic tones can be used to produce their powerful effects without headphones — which can be handy, since many listeners find it comfortable to use ambient sounds within the room.

Second-generation brain entrainment CDs like Morry Zelcovitch’s ‘Morry Method’ use isochronic tones to achieve their effects. In fact, like many other products, the Morry Method’s ‘Quantum Mind Power’ and ‘Quantum Confidence’ programs rely on a combination of isochronic tones with spoken messages called ‘triliminals’ to plant suggestions.

Isochronics have one final advantage. Presented through headphones, they allow a skilled developer to present several different isochronic tones at once. This means that they can stimulate a range of different brainwave frequencies simultaneously.

This capacity of isochronics, the built-in ability to deal with a brain in all of its complexity, is at the heart of the Brain Evolution system. Modern brain entrainment software like Brain Evolution provides you with unparalleled resources to help you increase your mind power.

Learn more about the Brain Evolution System, which uses isochronic tones and more, online at http://www.brainev.com/

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