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Dear Friend,

Your e-mail address has been confirmed and I'm pleased to offer you...

  Your FREE 15 minute demo of the Brain Evolution System!

  The sample you are about to download is a specially mastered version of Level 1, featuring soothing sounds of a forest stream - coupled with our exclusive 3P DEAP brainwave entrainment technology.

  Remember, this is just a sample - however it should help showcase some of the early effects of BrainEv, such as enhanced relaxation, less stress and anxiety, a calmer and quieter mind, and general inner refreshment.

It's in MP3 format, which means you can listen to it using your computer OR throw it onto your MP3 player, and go find somewhere a little more comfortable.

  However you listen to it, I GUARANTEE this is going to be the most RELAXING 15 minutes of your life!

  A fantastic 15 pure minutes of deep, enjoyable, meditative relaxation...


How to Enjoy the BEST Experience!

  Important... Before you listen, here are a few tips for getting the most from your demo...

What you're about to experience is a special form of "accelerated" meditation. Your mind will be placed in an altered state where you'll feel very relaxed - and experience some of the effects of Level I of the Brain Evolution System program.

  Because of this, it's very important that...

  • You make yourself COMFORTABLE, in a place you won't be disturbed for the next 15 minutes. (Distractions like a telephone ringing, or the kids tugging at your arm won't help the relaxation and effects of the program!)

  • Under NO circumstances must you be driving or operating any type of machinery. The Brain Evolution System uses a "passive" form of meditation that requires you sit back and relax... therefore, do NOT listen if you're doing anything that requires your immediate attention or could cause you danger if distracted.

  • You do NOT listen if you suffer from any form of epilepsy/mental condition.. Our program is perfectly safe - however, we use specific audio techniques that have a chance (however slight) of triggering a reaction in epileptics. For your own safety, if you have any concerns, please voice them with your doctor before proceeding with any type of meditation/entrainment. Read our full disclaimer and precautions here.

How to MAXIMIZE the effect of your experience...

Use STEREO headphones. Our program is built on the proprietary "3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Processing" technology that utilizes both hemispheres of the brain by piping slightly different sounds into each ear.

  If you use mono headphones, you're reducing the effectiveness of the program by at least 50%. And if you play this back through your computer speakers, you likely won't feel any effect.

  Download... plug in your headphones... cut out distraction... sit or lie down... close your eyes... relax... and hit play...

And for the next 15 minutes, let the effect of the Brain Evolution System sweep over you. Allow yourself a few minutes of "me" time - and let the magic begin!


What Will Happen Over the Next 15 Minutes!

  Level 1 of the Brain Evolution System takes you on a relaxing journey through a rich, natural soundscape.

  Over the next 15 minutes, our proprietary (and scientifically researched, tested and PROVEN) 3P D.E.A.P audio process will interweave specialist binaural, isochronic and "time stretching" techniques into the pleasant background of natural sounds... and put your body and mind in a state of ultra-relaxation.

  Most people find that their stress, anxiety and worries begin to rapidly dissolve. They enjoy deep new level of relaxation. They end the session in a state of calm, gently focused state.

  Some of our users report a tingling feeling throughout their body... others feel that time somehow "speeds up" or slows down for them during the session... some are so relaxed, they feel a detachment from the rest of their body...

  Whatever you feel, it's completely natural, and very enjoyable. You'll wake up feeling different - and you'll know it.

  Listen to the demo every day for the next 7 days and gauge your reaction. Your results will get progressively better with each extra listening session. It's quite powerful stuff, as I'm sure you'll soon agree. And it's 100% safe too.

  Over the next few days, in my e-mail messages to you, I'll explain a little more about how the program works, and I'll bring in our chief engineer Michael Kelley to tell you how over a decade of research, experience and testing has yielded BrainEv one of the most effective "accelerated self-betterment" products on the market.

  For now — don't take my word for it  — experience it for yourself!

Note: Before listening, we advise all users to read our precautions and disclaimers page.


Get Started NOW - Choose Your Download!

HIGH-SPEED (Best Quality) — 27.47mb

DIAL-UP (Good Quality) — 13.73mb


   Right-click on the file of your choice, select "Save As" - and save to your computer. We suggest saving to your desktop, to make it easier to find in future. If you have a faster internet connection, we recommend you go for the "best" option. You should feel the same effect from both - the "good" one just won't sound quite so rich.


  Experiment with the demo for yourself. And when you've decided you'd like to try out the full thing, start your FREE 1-month trial of the entire BrainEv program.

  I look forward to welcoming you as a customer and friend!

All the best,

Lee Benson, of the Brain Evolution System
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