Groundbreaking Neurological Research Has Uncovered The Precise Sounds That Synchronize Your Brain's Natural Rhythms... For Peak, Powerful, Optimized Thinking!

  The Winner's Edge . . .

  Have you ever wondered what separates the clique of the world's elite from the rest of us?

  How do the minds of Nobel prize winners envisage brilliant, life-changing ideas from thin air?

  How do Olympic athletes discover the drive, fortitude and gumption to push their bodies to the peak of physical fitness, and shatter world records — as well as pre-conceived limitations of the human body?

  Why do some people seemingly possess a "Midas touch," where every idea that sifts through their consciousness strikes it rich?

  And why, for every millionaire, world-class athlete, genius laureate or member of the rich and famous, are there hundreds of other individuals left scratching their heads, wondering why their own luck... and lifestyle... is out of sync with the opportunities that seem to miraculously occur elsewhere?

 Luck? Genetics? Inheritance?

  We could put it down to plain, dumb luck.

  Athletes that were blessedly formed with good genetics. Super-star business leaders who were gifted the right mentorship and financial windfall to skip the majority rung of the career ladder. Brilliant minds forged by supportive parents and high-ticket education reserved for the privileged few.

  This thinking would no doubt make a whole lot of people feel better about themselves.

  Yet, to paint this picture would forsake the many individuals who, through their own efforts and raw, gut determination, have beaten odds, smashed world-records, pioneered fields, dominated industries, and carved themselves a lifestyle magnetic to respect, authority, power, wealth and ultimately, happiness.

  Clearly, there's another factor in play that supersedes "luck"...

Success In Mind:
The Brain Connection

  If you could get a random sampling of the "successful and brilliant" in a room together, strap spongy nodes to their forehead and hook them up to an EEG machine (a scientific instrument for measuring electrical activity, particularly in the brain and body), I'd wager money on one thing...

  After a while, you'd start to notice common patterns forming.

  Successful people do things differently, period. They possess skills and traits that are beyond the grasp of regular people. Sometimes that grasp can be extended by things that happen in life which pushes a person further. Other times, people are just "hard wired" that way.

  But more often than not, it takes a conscious decision to get out there and acquire those winning characteristics.

  You've probably noticed it yourself.

  Successful people "somehow"...

  • Tap into limitless energy and motivation – How would it change your life if you felt energized and "jazzed" most of the time? What if you could silence that negative voice in your head that detracts you from your main goals? Do you think that would be a powerful trait toward your success?

  • FEND OFF negativity, stress or tension in any form – It's no great mystery: Successful people are greater prey for negativity, outside criticism, bitter bystanders, and armchair critics. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. But what if you possessed an emotional "force field" toward this nonsense, and you remained strong and focused regardless what others said? Imagine you being unstoppable...

  • Stay focused, and get MORE done in less time – Imagine, just knowing what you needed to do and having the focus, clarity and dedication to just get out there and do it. Ambitions on the back burner start to come alive... business ideas take off... the right people suddenly appear at the right time. How would things change if you seemingly just "magically" attracted the people you need in your life?

  • Leap over obstacles and hurdles, easily – Nothing worth having is ever easy. Everyone faces problems. The difference is, how you handle those problems. Imagine if you never even see them as problems to begin with... if it's just easy, somehow, to envisage simple solutions to hurdles and enjoy the challenge. Successful people thrive on challenges... you could begin to experience the very same rush!

  • Naturally "click" with people – To get to the top, it takes good communication. World leaders get elected for their ability to communicate. Business visionaries have ideas that they make tangible by sharing their dreams with others. Pick up artists attract the opposite sex by noticing, and reacting, to subtle body language and saying the right things at the right time. What if you could easily and automatically just "click" with people, and gain instant rapport with your audience?

  It's no mystery that these skills come from within. But people aren't born good leaders, or pioneering visionaries, or masters of industry.

  Somewhere along the line, these skills are learned.

  What if you could copy... ethically steal, if you will... the "thinking patterns" of this elite group?

  What if you could ramp up your own intelligence levels... deal with stress easily... improve your relationships and rapport with people, and the outside world... and melt away problems by envisaging simple, easy solutions to any source of tension?

  Does that sound exciting? Perhaps it's something you desperately desire in your own life?

  Then, it's time to "change your mind"...

Your Brain "Beats" A Rhythm:
Is That Tune Success - or Failure?

  I mentioned "brainwaves" briefly. On the last page too, if you remember, I mentioned the unexpected "Mozart Effect" that scientists have well-documented, and the positive "repercussion effect" it can have on the human brain.

  So what does this point to? And where does it help you, in your own efforts to purposefully master your own mind?

  Inside your head, your brain is constantly generating electrical pulses. We call these "brainwaves." Studies have shown that the rate at which these waves pulsate, determines your mood and current state of thought.

  It's basic neurology.

  So, what if you could purposely adjust these waves, safely and easily, to put yourself in states of optimized thinking, more conducive to the traits of success that push you toward your goals, and help you build a more ideal lifestyle — by your own design?

  Instead of a "happy accident", what if there was a proven method for gently guiding your brainwaves to safe, optimized levels... and rapidly increasing your aptitude and capacity for enhanced thinking?

  Now for the good news. There is.

The most effective "self-help"
technology ever developed?

The power of "internalization"

  Why is entrainment so effective? Unlike "self-help" books, courses and programs, entrainment works on your mind at a core level.

  When you read a book, you might consciously understand it, but is it sinking in?

  Continued to the right....

  At BrainEv Labs, we’ve spent many months … and hundreds of thousands of dollars … refining the most powerful – and effective – brain "entrainment technology" in existence.

  The word "entrainment" simply means "to guide"... a technology that guides your brain into discovering its untapped potential.

  We call this program the Brain Evolution System™. An apt, self-descriptive name for exactly what it does. You might say it "evolves" the mind to better states of thinking... and overall well-being.

  Our studies have shown entrainment to be the most effective form of "self-help." Forget the books and tapes — entrainment helps you on a core level. It helps guide your mind into a safe, natural, optimized state of being... if you want to improve your life, changing your mind - we believe - is exactly where to begin.

  Self-mastery is all about optimizing your own mental state... and controlling your entire perspective... so you can live your life by your own design, not being enslaved to limiting behavior.

  You see, most of us have only partial control over the level at which our brain functions – and therefore, limited control over our thoughts, feeling, creativity, and mental energy.

  But now, with the Brain Evolution System™, you can literally “train” your brain – through brainwave entrainment – to instantly “shift” into whatever mode of thought you need to accomplish your tasks with maximum efficiency and creativity.

... Continued

  That part is known as "internalization" — getting an internal UNDERSTANDING that not only acknowledges the words, but grasps the underlying concept and assimilates the information in such a way that it becomes second nature to know it.

  BrainEv is 100% internal. You don't have to believe or memorize anything. It simply helps your mind think and act in an optimized state.

  But can mere sounds actually alter your brainwaves and patterns? Can frequencies and vibrations enable you to tap into a higher level of thinking and cognition … enabling you to solve once-difficult problems and challenges with an amazing new ease and confidence?

  The "Mozart Effect" was just a happy accident. What if there was something that worked on demand for you... and was primed and specifically engineered for maximum output and power?

  Yes, there is. The Brain Evolution System™ is just like...

A secret “switch” for shifting your
brain patterns into high gear

  Simply by using our breakthrough Brain Evolution System™ in the privacy of your home or office, you can quickly and easily apply sounds and resonant frequencies to literally “switch” your brain to different levels of functionality -- in much the same way that you turn the dial on your radio to switch to a different station.

  If that sounds like a big claim to make, it really isn’t so surprising: when you think about it, the idea of using music to alter mood, feeling, and thought has been with us for centuries.

   Music has long been recognized as having the power to entrain the brain to frequencies that facilitate altered states of consciousness says educational consultant Robert Hayduck.

  For example, Hayduck notes that monks who ceased singing Gregorian Chants in their monastery were observed to become ill and weakened.

  Once they began chanting again, their sickness disappeared – and their strength and energy returned!

  This form of "brainwave entrainment" was originally uncovered during the mid-1800s, and scientifically proven in 1934.

  In 1956, the U.S. military built a “brainwave synchronizer” with a strobe light that could be set to the four standard brainwave frequencies: delta, theta, alpha, beta.

  As biophysicist Richard Miller explains in a paper published in Nexus Magazine:

The brain responds to inputs at certain frequencies. If people can control their mind patterns, they can enter different states of being – mental relaxation, study, etc.

Entrainment is the process of synchronization, where vibrations of one object will cause the vibrations of another object to oscillate at the same rate.

So what happens when the mind is entrained with a sound or vibration that reflects the thought patterns? When the mind responds to certain frequencies and behaves as a resonator, [there] is a harmonic frequency that the mind can attune to … slower tempos have been proven to decrease heart and respiratory rates, thereby altering the predominant brain-wave patterns.

  In other words, sounds whose frequencies correspond to certain brainwaves -- when picked up by the human ear and transmitted to the central nervous system -- can cause your brain to resonate with those frequencies:

  Just a few scenarios where that would prove useful (and this is really just scratching the surface):

  • SPEED UP the career ladder FASTER! – if you're able to win friends in business, close more sales, think creatively and "out of the box", how would your employers, colleagues, or clients react to your new level of affluence?

  • WIN FRIENDS, influence people – A "better brain" doesn't just refer to intelligence. It's your seeming ability to "click" with others, and find that common ground. How would your social circles expand if you could easily and effortlessly communicate with others - even inspire them to take action and help you with your own goals?

  • DEFLECT STRESS in favor of happiness – Stress is nothing more than your mind's reaction to overwhelm. What if things just felt easier for you, naturally? What if you could cope with any hand dealt to you, and react logically instead of emotionally? Can you imagine how much happier you'd become as a natural result?

  • Live a life that you TRULY DREAM OF – Life is for the taking, but our minds' can hold us back. Whether it's procrastination, the lack of belief in ourselves or some other form of self-sabotage, wouldn't it be good to just get rid of that nagging voice that grounds us and set ourselves free, on a course for what we truly desire?

The Keys To Your Own Mental Universe

  This science, called “brainwave entrainment,” has been exhaustively documented in respected medical journals ranging from the American Journal of Physiology to Encephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology.

  Here’s how researchers John Carter and Harold Russell describe brainwave entrainment in their paper, “A Pilot Investigation of Auditory Entrainment of Brainwave Activity”:

Research demonstrates that individuals can learn to voluntarily alter and control the frequency of their brainwave activity resulting in improved functioning.

Auditory stimulation has a powerful effect on the frequency activity of the brain. Rhythmic sound waves entering the ears results in a phenomenon called “entrainment” whereby brainwaves match and resonate at the same frequency as the stimulating audio frequency.

There is considerable evidence that auditory entrainment is a replicable physical phenomenon. The use of auditory entrainment to challenge and stimulate the brain appears to result in improved functioning on intelligence tests, achievement tests, and behavior.

  Carter and Russell describe a study where a primitive, early brainwave entrainment system – much less sophisticated than the technology I want to show you today -- was used to stimulate brain function in marginal students.

  Within just 8 weeks, testing showed an average improvement of nearly 6 points in the students’ verbal IQ.

  Concludes Russell:

The use of auditory stimulation appears to result in quantifiable changes in the brain [and] appears to bring about improvement in cognitive functioning and behavior that may continue to exist after the original stimulation has ended.

“Forms of stimulation, when used repetitively, appear to bring about changes in brain functioning that can be measured not only by changes in EEG frequency activity, increases in glucose and oxygen metabolism, increases in regional cerebral blood flow, changes in brain chemistry, but also by changes in behavior.

  And now, the research in brainwave entrainment has been taken to a whole new level – one that can have immediate, practical application in improving nearly every area of your life that involves problem-solving, thinking, and creativity.

The Law of "Harmonic Vibration"

  This idea of “harmonic vibration” (the entire basis for brainwave entrainment) is a proven fact. All piano tuners know it: if you strike a pitchfork, then hold another pitchfork near it, the second pitchfork will begin to vibrate in harmony with the first.

  In the same way, the Brain Evolution System™ selectively generates sounds that stimulate your brain to shift into the higher levels of function you need to put your thinking and creativity on “steroids."

  Best of all, you don’t need to buy expensive high-tech gear or sophisticated lighting and sound systems to use the Brain Evolution System™.

Just pop one of the system CDs into your player, sit back, relax, and you may soon...

  • INCREASE your brain power dramatically– Improving both function and flexibility.

  • RAPIDLY enter a calm, meditative state – To refresh and recharge your mind and body.

  • GET RID of negative behavior patterns that sap your energy and push you off track

  • Instill "HAPPINESS by design" – Lead life your way, in alignment with your own goals, dreams, and ambitions (after all, we only get this life... isn't it time we started making the most of it?)

  • BANISH STRESS... tension... and destroy fear.

  • Correct poor sleeping patterns, even REDUCE your sleep – Some of our BrainEv users have even reported the need for less sleep after the Brain Evolution System™ has reduced energy-sapping stress, leaving them more invigorated for the task at hand.
  • CONTROL your brainwave states at will – and improve cognitive performance.

  • ENHANCE your creativity and just create a natural “flow” in your life.

  • IMPROVE your relationships with everyone … close more deals ... attract the opposite sex.

The Most Powerful Entrainment
Program Available

  There are various types of "entrainment" programs on the market. They all have a common goal: To help guide your brainwaves to a different state of awareness.

  They often use one of the following methods: Binaural beats, isochronic tones, Alpha brainwave patterns, light and sound entrainment - some even layer subliminal messages below the "front-end" layer.

  Lots of fancy words and scientific lingo that can easily baffle the average user - someone who just wants to use and benefit from it.

  Here’s what you really need to know...

  The Brain Evolution System™ is entirely unique, and much more advanced than the vast majority of programs available in the market.

  It's the result of 10+ years of research and an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Magic Of The "3-Point Dynamic
Entrainment Audio Process" —


  BrainEv is different. It uses a unique combination of binaural beats AND isochronic / rhythmic tones AND a unique audio process known as temporal entrainment to achieve its powerful effect.

  In other words... a specially engineered program using three of the most powerful entrainment methods, weaved together into one, complete, program... designed to yield fast, measurable results.

  The fact is, your brainwave patterns are complex. Some of the "other" programs on the market get little or no results (or simply take too long to work) because they're overly simplified and use just one entrainment technique that not everyone adapts well to. For some people, there's just no noticeable effect at all.

  The Brain Evolution System is a 6 month audio program that utilizes a "dynamic", thorough, adaptive approach to entrainment... resulting in faster, more effective results.

   (To learn more about the science behind the 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process, click here.)

  This is a "wave map" of the BrainEv process, through each disc (six discs total - one for every month of daily practice).

  Every disc is designed to "challenge" your brain by presenting a dynamic entrainment process that trains your mental muscle to reach deeper, optimized states of being.

  Ultimately, you'll do two things...

  1. You'll access powerful states of thought on-demand. When your mind is trained in this fashion, over time, this state of relaxation... the ability to detach yourself from emotional conflict... think creatively and "out the box"... react faster, and more fluidly... and adapt the same powerful, mental modes accessed by the most successful people will become second nature to you. You'll own them as your own.

  2. You'll begin to push your mind toward a powerful state, called...

Whole Brain Functioning:
"The Genius State"

  Whole brain functioning is a studied phenomena where the left and right hemispheres of the brain think "co-operatively" instead of combatively.

  You've heard of people being "left brain" or "right brain" dominant, right?

  Left brain thinkers tend to be more logical, rational thinkers. They're objective, mathematical, calculated.

  Right brain thinkers are more artistic, subjective, intuitive and creative. They might paint, make music, envisage, develop.

  The problem with being single-hemisphere dominant can be the internal conflict that occurs when, in life, a situation arises that requires strengths from both hemispheres.

  You probably recognize your own dominance: Are you more logical, organized and orderly... Or artistic, creative, and emotionally sensitive?

  An artistic, "right brainer" for instance might find it difficult to stay organized. They may miscalculate time, and find it tough to remain efficient. They might struggle in business, juggling finances and more calculated aspects of their work.

  Yet, that same person may envisage interesting, creative ideas that have a very real potential for success. Likewise, a "left brainer" might excel in all the areas the other is lacking... yet fail to fully appreciate the "whole picture"... or lack the vision to the see opportunity where it might otherwise be missed.

  Whole brain functioning is the key to true, co-operative, powerful thinking. It's a synchronization of the left and right hemispheres, the best of both worlds. It's like an evolved state of thought.

  The Brain Evolution System™ program systematically trains both hemispheres of the brain, pushing you toward the state of whole brain functioning.

  It's like gaining a new level of clarity... understanding.... wisdom. When you're able to artistically and logically render solutions to problems... when you can objectively and subjectively evaluate opportunities and their innate qualities... when you can read people and empathetically understand them... you're given a foresight that others simply lack.

  You're given a powerful mental edge that can help in business... your career... your relationships... even your happiness in your whole life. A co-operative mind allows you to diffuse otherwise confusing, conflicting situations... and understand it from what feels like a whole new plane of thought.

  Whole brain functioning is like "switching on" the other half of your brain that, until now, has remained untapped.

Is this how Einstein unlocked
the secrets of the universe?

  I suspect that many of the great thinkers used some form of brainwave entrainment to jump-start their creativity – and shift their mental function into high gear – even if they didn’t consciously know that was what they were doing.

  Albert Einstein, for example, would play his violin to help him think through difficult concepts in math and physics.

  And of course, Einstein was one of the most brilliant and productive thinkers of all time, unlocking the very secrets of the universe in his famous equation E = mc2 and the theory of relativity.

  Another brilliant physicist, Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman, played the bongo drums for relaxation. Perhaps his brainwaves synchronized with the beat, enabling him to develop the first parallel-processing computer.

  Look around at the really bright and creative people you know: company presidents … entrepreneurs … business owners … artists … writers … scientists … programmers … wealthy and successful men and women...

  For most of them, their homes are equipped with the latest sound systems and racks of music CDs … paintings or photographs hang on their office walls … sculpture, fine furniture, and other objects of art.

  They know, instinctively, that certain sights and sounds can help them perform better, think faster, and solve problems more swiftly.

  Now, with the Brain Evolution System™, you have a proven methodology for harnessing the incredible brain-boosting power of sound to achieve peak performance in any activity that requires thinking, information processing, and problem-solving.

  Most of the techniques implemented in the Brain Evolution System™ are based on data derived through EEG, EKG, heart rate, and blood pressure readings, as well as interviews with test subjects.

  Analysis of this data enables us to track brain response and physical response to the auditory stimuli we use, as well as verify that the Brain Evolution System™ works -- beautifully, in fact, for a much larger audience that other "entrainment technologies" may benefit.

  And that's thanks to the unique auditory process used by BrainEv... profiting from more than a decade of research, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs to make this program available to you now.

Your "Therapist In A Box"

  There’s an added bonus feature you get with the Brain Evolution System™: scientific studies indicate that brainwave entrainment can not only enhance normal thinking to higher levels, but can also act as a “mood enhancer” to alleviate depression, chronic fatigue, and related conditions – as well as the physical symptoms brought on my too much stress.

  I want to warn you now that the Brain Evolution System™ is not intended as a replacement for a therapist or physician; and people suffering from depression, anxiety, or other conditions should seek professional help.

  But: you know that the right sounds can change your mood. You’ve already proven it to yourself, I bet.

  Ever put a rock or pop station on the radio to boost your energy when you are tired?

  Or go to a dentist who piped syrupy “elevator music” into the office before drilling and filling your cavities?

  Or blast Bach or Beethoven on the CD player to get yourself in a more creative mood? In each instance, music was used to effectively change your mental state.

  In a research paper titled “The Neurobiology of Affective Disorders and Clinical Implications of Audio-Visual Entrainment,” David Siever writes:

Audio-visual entrainment (AVE) is an effective tool for dissociating the depressed/anxious person out of his/her destructive thoughts. Even with increasing anxiety, AVE has been shown to reduce heart rate … reduce jaw tension from stress … increase blood flow in the eyes … and increase peak-alpha frequency … Many homes have two to three [AVE] systems in them for family members to use following a stressful, tiring day in the modern world.

  Best of all, entrainment technology can improve mood without dangerous prescription drugs and their side effects. And you can use the Brain Evolution System™ anywhere you can listen to a CD – the office, sitting in your living room, even working in your yard.

Sign up for our “quick start” program … and
shift your mental powers into high gear starting today!

  It took years of study and research to master the brainwave entrainment techniques that went into creating the Brain Evolution System™.

  But as a Brain Evolution System™ Charter Member, you can get started right away – for a very modest investment.

  Other entrainment systems sell for as much as $2,500 or more. They tempt with you low initial prices, then hound you to purchase higher "levels" at twice the price. It may cost thousands and thousands of dollars before you're done buying the whole set... and years before you feel the true benefit!

   We've designed BrainEv to induce rapid results. Remember, our unique 3P D.E.A.P process utilizes three of the most effective entrainment stimulus on every disc.

  Because of that, we're able to create a condensed, six-month program that we believe is as effective - if not more so - than years of practice with "other" programs.

   On the flip-side, there are other programs that you can buy from eBay or cheap online stores that sell for $10-20. Take caution: These discs are often poorly researched, cheap brainwave discs put together using "freeware" software programs by inexperienced hobbyists.

   Is that really the sort of person you want dabbling with your mind?

  Listen, we hire full-time engineers and support staff at We don't cut corners. We pay handsome wages and hefty royalties to our staff, because when it comes to improving your life, short-changing it is not an option. Not with something so important to your overall well-being.

   Our chief engineer, for example, has studied this field for over a decade. He's researched, created and tested entrainment programs used by tens of thousands of people all over the world. A portion of our profits are reinvested in ongoing tests and experiments... we're passionate about this field to the point of obsession.

   In our minds, there's no finer goal than self-betterment.

   So you're getting the absolute best.

   And all this, for less than the price of your morning coffee each day. Tell me - which do you think delivers the safer, more beneficial jolt to your nervous system?

An Investment In Quality, And Results

   The Brain Evolution System™ is a life-changing six-month journey of self-development, self-exploration and overall self-betterment.

   We've spent a LOT of money bringing you our finest work. From an investment in beautiful packaging to field-recording in lush, rich, natural locations to bring you high-fidelity, brilliantly rich soundscapes - the BrainEv experience (as we like to call it) is unlike any other.

   Our travels took us all over the world. We followed our $3,000 portable recording studio to the heart of rural Derbyshire, in middle England. Below is a snapshot. (Click for more!)

   We selected this historic national park as a location from more than a handful of possibilities. (Our list expanded its reach as far as Australia, and some of the many national parks in the United States!)

   These "front-layer" tracks provide a relaxing sound experience that you'll listen to during each 30 minute BrainEv session. But, that's not the "magic." The way these sounds have been manipulated via our unique 3P D.E.A.P technology is what provides the powerful entrainment aspect to the work.

   You won't "hear" them in an awareness sense, but your mind will process and "follow" these frequencies like a form of guided, accelerated meditation.

An Investment In You

  How much is a "better life" worth to you?

   If we're honest, what price tag could we really put on the ability to optimize our livelihood... think better... improve our emotional control... and ultimately, increase our happiness?

   How much is it worth to us to improve our relationships... the way we think and perceive our world... to gain extra insight that leads to - even just one - breakthrough idea that could change our lives?

   I'm not promising the world... but even if you were able to marginally and subtly just improve some key aspects of your life... even if you didn't experience some of the blockbuster, breakthrough results that some of our members report... is there any price tag we can really put on self-improvement?

   You spend thousands of dollars per year on entertainment, gadgets, movies, books, and novelties that may provide momentary or short-lived pleasure.

   What about something that can positively and drastically improve your life... every day you're alive?

   It's amazing how eager many of us are to throw away countless, hard-earned dollars on trivial junk that provides little or no value to our lives... yet... how many of us actually invest in OURSELVES?

   The Brain Evolution System™ is an investment in your whole life. And it's affordable, too. You can get started now for as little as $0.00 down.

  That's RIGHT. It's FREE to get started on Level One! 

   And you can get started with the remaining levels for just 3 x monthly installments of $99. Once you've paid for the course, there's nothing else to buy. (The only prerequisites are a cheap pair of stereo headphones, and some sort of CD/MP3 player. You can get one for $20 from RadioShack, if you don't have one lying around the home.)

Results Guaranteed

Or I'll Buy It Back At Full Cost

   I wouldn't put my name to something I didn't truly believe in. BrainEv came to be out of my own personal experience with the field, and the results I myself received.

   I'm a results-orientated guy, and very scientific by nature. I wouldn't tout something that couldn't be proven by studies, and backed by real-world results. My reputation is too important, and my morals too high.

   So here's the deal . . .

   Since everybody reacts to any form of therapy differently (I don't care what it is), I'll give you a full 7 months to receive the course, review it and most importantly, USE IT, and see the results for yourself.

   That'll give you time to go through the entire course, as well as allow a little leeway to receive it, tear off the wrapping, and put it to use.

   If you don't see results that you believe have honestly benefited your life... if you're not thrilled that every minute you've spent listening to BrainEv has been a worthwhile commitment... if you're not thoroughly convinced that the package works... then send it back to our returns department.

   And I'll buy it back from you, dollar for dollar, for every cent you spend today.

   Listen, I don't know you. The human mind is a complex one. You may not feel anything from using it. Some people don't. Others just don't follow instructions. And more still buy it and never even bother using it. (A huge shame!)

   Yet, we're so confident that our success rate is one of the the highest in the industry that if you're not utterly thrilled, you can have your money back at any time within the next 7 months.

   No clauses, no catches. Just return the package in a ANY condition - and I'll go over to my little credit card terminal and issue you a credit right back to your card.

   If you're ready to take advantage of this course... experience true, effective life-betterment... improve your mind, your life, your relationships and the whole world around you... and simply life your life to the peak of its potential... ORDER NOW via our secure order form, and I'll make sure you get the first level sent to you - right away, free of charge!

  Here's to the pursuit of life-long happiness and powerful, peak living!


  Lee Benson,
In association with Inspire3 Ltd

   P.S — If you're still unsure... I'd invite you to browse this site, particularly the research & benefits sections to learn how this program has improved the lives of many of our members... and just how much research, time, work and effort went into producing it.

   I'm confident there'll be no doubt in your mind that this is a truly the caliber of self-mastery you've been looking for. Our client testimonials say so. Now, let us prove it to you!

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