The 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process

  The Brain Evolution System is an audio program that helps you activate peak performance states of mind, effortlessly.

   It plays special sounds into each ear, utilizing a scientific process known as "entrainment" to help influence your brainwave patterns - and assist you in activating peak performance states of mind.

   States such as a deep meditation, razor-sharp focus, a sense of wellbeing, and increased creativity. All of these become incredibly accessible after you start using the program.

   The Brain Evolution System uses three different methods of "brainwave entrainment".

   These are the "3 points" which make up the exclusive 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process - the technology which powers the Brain Evolution System.

   On this page, we'll explore each of these three entrainment methods: binaural beats; rhythmic brainwave entrainment (incorporating isochronic tones); and, temporal brainwave entrainment.

   Before we begin, however, it's important to note a number of key facts.

   Firstly, brainwaves are DYNAMIC.

   That is, they are constantly changing. They shift around, moving up and down, depending on the environment. They don't follow a simpler linear pattern.

   The 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P DEAP) matches that natural processing. It's equally as dynamic, with it's brainwave entrainment stimuli moving and shifting - just like regular brainwaves do.

  This dynamic processing helps ensure the greatest success when using the program. 

   Most meditation programs don't consider the true complexity of how brainwaves work. As a result, they attempt to force the listener down a static, linear route - which results in frustrated stagnation, and ineffective entrainment.

   Secondly, the brain actually creates a VARIETY of brainwaves at any one time.

   That's right: the brain emits a number of frequencies simultaneously. Just like notes on the strings of a piano. Most meditation programs attempt to address just the dominant frequency, which often leads to frustration and poor results.

  The Brain Evolution System utilizes multiple levels of brainwave entrainment concurrently - helping ensure that your brain is entrained in a way that truly captivates your complex brainwave patterns.

   All of this helps the Brain Evolution System works for you - quickly and effortlessly!

   The following graph shows a highly-simplified "Entrainment Map" for the entire six-level Brain Evolution System:

  As you can see, the entrainment frequencies shift and move quite variably throughout the program. You can also see that several layers of entrainment are applied (indicated by the blue arcs and horizontal lines above), to help attract the multiple frequencies of the brain itself.

   As you'll learn, we apply many brainwave entrainment technologies at once - all to help ensure the brain can accurately follow every intended frequency of the entrainment program.

  The Technology

  The three audio entrainment technologies utilized within the Brain Evolution System were selected due to their effectiveness and unique benefits.

   When combined, these three technologies form an exacting design process that fine-tunes every millisecond of audio to facilitate easy and successful brainwave entrainment.

   Let's explore these technologies now... 

- Binaural Entrainment -

  The application of the binaural brainwave entrainment process is quite simple. You hear two pure tones in each ear. Let's say 400 Hertz and 410 Hertz. Each ear hears a singular tone. Your brain detects the difference between these two frequencies - and 'produces' a 3rd tone of 10 Hertz inside the brain.


  Even though you perceive this 10 Hz sound, the third tone is not an actual sound at all; rather, it is an electrical signal that is created as your brain processes each tone from the left and right ear separately. As the brain continually processes this 3rd ghost signal, it begins to emulate (or “entrain”) to that 10 Hz stimulus.


  This phantom 10 Hz signal is created by both sides of the brain working in unison. This dual processing can lead to a state called hemispheric synchronization, or whole brain sync. This high function brain state occurs when both sides of the brain are functioning in tandem.



- Rhythmic Entrainment (Incorporating Isochronic Tones) -
  3P DEAP’s Rhythmic Entrainment method uses audio entrainment pulses - like little beats or rhythms - that help entrain the brain.

  By applying digitally processed effects to key sounds, we recreate the natural noises in each level, to match frequencies in the entrainment map above.

  The image below shows an actual snapshot from a layer of audio used within one of the BrainEv programs. By applying this secondary layer, the brain has yet another series of stimuli to entrain to.

   This rhythmic layer introduces frequencies that match our hypothetical 10 Hz binaural entrainment example above.

- Temporal Entrainment -

  This entrainment method relates to the distinction of timing. Brainwaves are never static. They speed up and slow down. To make the best use of the first two entrainment methods, we use the brain’s distinction of time and speed to direct it towards the varying entrainment rates that ebb and flow throughout each disc.

  The lush soundscapes in the Brain Evolution System are not just nature alone. Several segments of audio are copied, stretched or compressed, then layered and superimposed to create shifts in the time and tonality of audio effects.

  This audio augmentation occurs at very specific points along the entrainment sequence, allowing your brain to match the overall entrainment rates with ease. Temporal entrainment also assists the brain and rhythms of the body (such as breathing and heart rate) to speed up or slow down in unison with the system as a whole.

  A good way to think of this effect is playing a record at half speed. The sound from the record is not only slower, but also lower in tone. Your brain picks up on these subtle cues to raise brainwave rates or slow them down accordingly.

  In the Brain Evolution Program, this means that when a binaural frequency moves from 15 Hz to 10 Hz, there will be a rhythmic entrainment track that matches that change, slowing in unison. Furthermore, the temporal entrainment tracks follow each binaural change by elongating and lowing audio tone to match the slope of the diminishing entrainment rates.


  No other brainwave entrainment product utilizes this exclusive combination of technology and design.


  This exclusive 3P DEAP technology ensures that every sound in the program has a specific function that works in parallel with all the other entrainment processes at once.


  The result?


  A powerful brainwave program that continuously builds your brain muscle, helping you tap into safe, positive states of mind - practically on-demand.


  That's the Brain Evolution System. Built for you.


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