Brain Evolution System™ vs Other Products

  There are many brainwave entrainment products available on the market today.

  So, what makes the Brain Evolution System stand out from the rest? 

  On this page, we list a number of factors you should take into account when deciding on which brainwave entrainment system to use. Take your time to absorb everything.

  And remember: any professional brainwave entrainment company will be happy to assist with any advanced questions you may have. Rather than simply opting for the cheapest, spend time making a truly qualified decision.

  Read through published research material, contact the support team with questions, try to understand how the individual system has been created. You need a brainwave entrainment system that excites you - and that you can be assured will deliver results. 

  We think that the Brain Evolution System is that system.

  Unlike other systems, the Brain Evolution System is designed to produce both short- and long-term results.

  Many users report positive results after the first use. Results such as profound relaxation, total thought clarity, or simply a great night's sleep.

  The Brain Evolution System also advances to a new level every four weeks, further exercising your brain muscle - helping you access those "peak performance" states, on-demand!

  In addition, the Brain Evolution System utilizes the 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P DEAP) - an exclusive, powerful entrainment combination that brings amazing results in record-time.

  As you navigate through the six levels in the Brain Evolution System, you'll find the 3P DEAP technology stimulating your brain more and more - handing you the ability to control your brain's natural rhythms at will.

  You'll discover yourself being able to access enhanced brain functions on-demand, all quicker and easier than ever before. Enjoy more creativity, greater energy, increased learning ability, more relaxation, less stress - and much, much more.

  And all just by slipping on a pair of headphones. 

  So, check out the following list - to uncover just a few of the hallmark qualities that we believe sets the Brain Evolution System far apart from other "similar" brainwave entrainment products: 

Audio Quality
  The Brain Evolution System™
Other brainwave entrainment products
Lush natural soundscapes recorded with crystal clear fidelity at breathtaking locations
Simple tones, droning bells, or monotonous music - often boring or difficult to listen to regularly
Digitally mastered audio, each level containing over 100 separate audio tracks
Brainwave Entrainment Method
  The Brain Evolution System™
Other brainwave entrainment products
Multiple brainwave entrainment stimuli unified by the cutting edge 3P DEAP technology
One single entrainment method such as binaural beats or isochronal audio pulses
Dynamic brainwave entrainment rates that gently adjust frequencies towards advanced brainwave states
A single, static entrainment stimulus that bulldozes the brain with the same stimulus until it follows suit
Short and Long-Term Benefits
  The Brain Evolution System™
Other brainwave entrainment products
Broad range of benefits built into 6 unique training programs, each designed to refine brain power and build self-mastery
One program with a narrow range of benefits, or several programs that aren't interesting enough to continue
Initial results achieved quickly, often with first use
Slow results, or no results - possibly taking years to archive any recognizable benefit
  The Brain Evolution System™
Other brainwave entrainment products
Powerful and effective 30 minute programs that are designed to fit flexibly within your day
Programs which require usage up to an hour per day before seeing any benefits
In addition to your 6 disc box set, each 30 minute session is available for download into your iPod, MP3 or media player
Programs available on CD or low-quality cassette tape only
Pricing / Cost of Investment
  The Brain Evolution System™
Other brainwave entrainment products
Free 1-month trial before you commit. Try it out at no cost before you decide to pay
Most programs do no offer free trials
Upfront, one-time, affordable price. One price buys you the full six-month program
Low initial costs usually hide very expensive "extra levels", costing up to thousands of dollars!
Easy, interest-free, guaranteed acceptance pricing plan available, so you can spread the cost over 3 easy payments
Cheaper programs are usually created by amateur hobbyists using freeware software
Full 7-month refund guarantee. Complete no-questions-asked refund within 7 months if you're not happy
Don't offer refund guarantees, or limit them to 14 or 28 days

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